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Did you know that warts are contagious?

Warts are growths or protuberances of the skin generated by the infection with Human Papillomavirus, which is also known as HPV. There are more than 70 HPV subtypes, causing different types of warts. Some HPV subtypes can even cause cancer.
wartrolDespite the fact that warts can be treated and even eliminated, HPV remains in your DNA and you cannot remove it. However, there is a vaccine for HPV which protects against a few subtypes of HPV, viruses which are responsible for almost 70% of all cases of cervical cancer and for most cases of genital warts.
Scientists say that almost all sexually active people have HPV in their DNA, but most of them do not have any warts. Even though 90% of people affected by HPV do not have genital warts, they can still transmit the virus to somebody else.
Warts are very contagious. Appearing on almost any part of the body, from hands, nails, neck, arms, face, feet, genitals and even on rectum, warts are unpleasant and unsightly, causing bleeding, pain and anxiety. However, warts tend to invade moist and warm places such as tiny scratches or cuts on the hands, fingers and feet. They are usually painless, but when warts appear on the soles of the feet, they can be very uncomfortable and painful, feeling like walking on a small stone.
In most cases, warts go on their own within months or years. But they can spread on other parts of the body and even to somebody else, reason why it is very important to eliminate the wart and prevent its spreading.
Wartrol is a fast-acting painless liquid that eliminates quickly and easily warts. Being powerful, highly effective and safe to use, Wartrol is one of the most popular over-the-counter wart removers. Containing in its potent formula the only FDA approved ingredient for warts, Wartrol is very easy and convenient to use and it can be utilized in the comfort of your home.
In case if you have any warts on your body, you do not have to go to the doctor for laser therapy or other painful methods that can remove the warts on your body, but which will give you an unsightly scar. You just have to apply Wartrol directly on the wart with the help of the application brush, leave it to air dry for about 60 seconds and do not wash this area for about 20 minutes.
Pay attention and apply Wartrol exclusively on the wart, because the main ingredient contained, Salicylic Acid, can irritate or burn healthy skin. Even more, warts should not be removed by cutting, tearing or picking. Just let Wartrol do its job and you will get rid of warts within days.
Perhaps you ask yourself why you should use Wartrol, if it does not cure you from HPV. But there is no cure for HPV, apart from the vaccine for only a few types of HPV. Wartrol will safely remove your warts, helping you to prevent their spreading and you will get rid of the unsightly growths of skin that can invade your face and hands.