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Heal your body with Digestinol and cure gastritis with this powerful product

Gastritis represents a health condition in which the mucosa of the stomach is inflamed. Because the mucosa is actually the stomach lining, it is made up of cells that provide enzymes, acid and mucus. The enzymes and acid support the food disintegration for digestion, while the mucus protects the stomach cells from acid.

If the stomach lining gets inflamed, the cells will generate less enzymes, acid and mucus. A rapid and intense inflammation of stomach mucosa is known as acute gastritis, while a chronic gastritis is defined by a long lasting inflammation that may actually last for several years.

digestinol_4Digestinol is a natural supplement that relieves the symptoms associated with gastritis, supporting a healthy digestive system and promoting the overall health. But what causes the gastritis and how does it manifest?

The link between gastritis and symptoms is not quite distinct. Many people who have the stomach lining inflamed do not have any symptoms while others experience discomfort and pain in the upper abdomen. Other symptoms of gastritis are vomiting, nausea, black, tarry stools, blood in vomit and even red blood in the stool.

Gastritis may be caused by a bacteria, Helicobacter pylori, by the prolonged use of NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), by radiation, alcohol, cocaine, some viruses, fungi, critical illness, burns, traumatic injuries, but also by autoimmune disorders or due to some digestive diseases.

Many types of chronic gastritis do not produce any symptoms. But this form of gastritis may develop into gastric polyps, peptic ulcer disease and even into benign or malignant gastric tumors. Some persons affected by chronic gastritis produced by H. pylori are likely to develop gastric cancer.

It is important to diagnose gastritis on time. The most common test is the endoscopy, sometimes a biopsy of the stomach is required, but blood test, stool test or tests for H. pylori may also be used to diagnose gastritis. If it is necessary, the upper gastrointestinal series will be performed, when the patient will swallow barium in order to make the digestive tract visible for X rays.

Many medications may reduce the quantity of acid in stomach, alleviating and eliminating the symptoms of gastritis. Antiacids, histamine blockers that reduce the acid production or proton pump inhibitors may be prescribed by your doctor to treat your gastritis and allow your stomach to heal.

If the gastritis was produced by the infection with H. pylori, your physician will give you the best treatment, with a combination of antibiotics, to kill the bacteria.

Keep in mind that preventing is much easier than treating. Try to lead a healthy lifestyle, with a balanced eating plan and some daily physical exercises.

If you want to naturally treat your gastritis, consider taking Digestinol. This powerful supplement based on Aloe Vera extract not only treats your gastritis, but it will also relieve the symptoms of many other digestive disorders. Digestinol assists a healthy digestion and the normal function of the digestive system, reducing the inflammation, stopping the bleeding, rebuilding the stomach lining, preventing the overproduction of stomach acids and having many benefits to support the general health.