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How to have colon detox

At the risk of you arouse repulsion, we must say that the organ in our body called colon gather all sorts of toxic materials and if not cleaned in time, they can begin to break down. Which may favor the occurrence of parasites, spastic colon (irritable) and colorectal cancer.
An extra serving of fiber
oxy powderSo, first you need to increase your intake of fiber to get rid of debris accumulated in the colon and keep your digestive system healthy. Bread, oatmeal, brown rice and whole grains such as wheat flakes help detoxify the colon.
Also, peanut snacks, rice cakes, sunflower seeds between meals, beans and lentils are great choices for cleaning the colon. Especially with how they ensure an intake of protein and B vitamins
Choose green
Include green leafy vegetables in your daily diet to keep toxins away from the colon. Spinach, peas, lettuce and cabbage provides nutrients and are great sources of soluble and insoluble fiber.
A teaspoon of Spiruline powder taken weekly may cause intestinal tract cleansing chlorophyll content and help repair tissue compromised.
Try barley or barley soup and add salad sandwiches to keep your intestines and digestive tract in good condition.
Plentiful water for ingestion
Drink a lot of water daily to ensure your colon healthy – we know, it can sometimes be difficult, because many of us “survive” a safe glass of water a day. By eating the proper amount of water each day can ward off constipation, you can keep your skin clean and hydrated and protect yourself from colon cancer.
The real habit to drink water regularly will have positive effects on the digestive system more important than any supplement bought from the pharmacy.
An apple a day
An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Why? Because it keeps your colon healthy. Apples, grapes and other fruits, water, and watermelon, it “wash” system of parasites and toxins that favor disease onset.
Root vegetables such as potatoes are also good food for cleansing the colon.
Juice Detox
While fresh fruits are good for the health of the colon and intestines, colon and fruit juice provides the necessary vitamins for your entire body, get rid of fecal excess material and it control their elimination.
Regularly consumed instead of sodas and coffee, orange juice or apple helps to boost immunity and quickly remove toxins.
The product that helps most in this detoxification is OxyPowder, a particularly complex set against bloating, lack of energy, weight problems and also against diarrhea.