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Provillus – how we fight hair loss

Beauty and health of our hair are two issues that concerns us, because they are part of that bunch of elements that emphasizes femininity and gives us more refinement and delicacy. But what we do when we find that from one day to another, it becomes more fragile and would fall?

Hair loss is a problem whose solution involves a series of changes in the nutrition, lifestyle and personal hygiene. November we bring you consider the main aspects that you should be careful if you want to have a charming look!

provillus7Watch what you eat!

Nutrition is a key factor to prevent and combat hair loss because the problem is caused largely by lack of vitamins and minerals to ensure healthy hair. Thus, to adjust the internal imbalance, it is recommended eating more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins C, B6, B3, B5, B12, zinc, iron. From the list of foods that you should not miss in your diet, include: carrots, parsley, broccoli, cabbage, soybeans, raw seeds sunflower, nectarines, strawberries, blueberries, oranges, grapefruit, apricots, honey, yogurt, egg , fish and white meat.

Skip the extreme diets!

Diets very tough, which I forbid the consumption of basic foods have serious repercussions on your body, depriving it of essential vitamins and minerals feeding cells. Therefore, to be able to combat hair loss, quit these diets “miracle” that promise an enviable figure in return for poor health, and opt for a diet low in calories but rich in nutrients. If necessary, do not hesitate to consult a nutritionist to determine your diet according to your body’s needs and that will guarantee you a healthy and beautiful hair.

Use Provillus!

Use Provillus hair loss. The website is saying that this product is a special formula for both men and women, not only prevents hair loss but makes it even more silky and strong. Naturalness hair will immediately notice and so, Provillus will permanently stop his fall.

Protect your hair from harmful effects!

Salt water, chlorine in swimming and UV rays are the main hazards that summer brings and your hair is exposed. Each of these elements lead to dehydration hair need to be more cautious this time and take immediate action: wearing sun hat or cap, wash your hair with water every time after you come out of the pool or sea , use moisturizing masks, shampoos conditioners and non-aggressive.

Give extra attention to hygiene Hair!

Poor hygiene promotes hair fall, so it is recommended to phase out harmful habits for him. Thus, avoid brushing per day to avoid further degrease the hair, do not use shampoo and regulates excess water at the average temperature, as hot water make your hair become more sensitive. It is also shown that every 3 months to 2 inches in length haircut your hair to prevent split ends, which gives a sloppy appearance.

Be Natural!

Curling, drying at high temperatures, entitled Hair plate, with its fading paint and repeatedly, leading to hair damage and, ultimately, to accelerate the fall. In these conditions, we suggest you opt for a more natural look, your hair to give him the opportunity to regain health and vitality needed for a delightful look.

What is essential for you to remember is that beauty is built from the inside out, so your diet remains the key in solving a whole range of complex issues that you create or diminish your self-confidence and wellbeing.