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Tips to keep your skin young

You can find some essential tips to keep your skin young.

revitolEven if until now you have not cared skin as the book says, it’s never too late to start you really do this.

As skin needs extra care to keep it young and beautiful everyone of us knows, except that our care must begin after age 20 years for the skin to keep it fresh and young as long as possible.

Cleanse your skin every day and always use a suitable product. Please note that hot water dries out your skin and dehydrate while cold water stimulates the secretion of natural fat from the skin.

Hydrate your skin and protects you. Oily skin need moisturizer needs, and its use is absolutely necessary after 20 years. For oily skin use a moisturizer without oil and dry skin, a nourishing cream applied on wet face.

You need sunscreen every day, whether or not the sun is up, or if it’s summer or winter. Most moisturizers have sunscreen included. To know better inform better. Cover your lips with sunscreen cream factor. Are vulnerable and at risk of developing skin cancers.

Exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells constantly and stimulate the natural regeneration process. Exfoliate dry skin at least once a week, and for oily skin just twice a week.

Do not rely only on organic products. There is no proof that they are safer for the skin. In some cases, organic products have a pronounced allergen that can irritate sensitive skin. Products with plant extracts can cause rashes or allergic reactions. However, these products should be tested on an inconspicuous area.

Do not overdo the acne products. Some are very aggressive and can get you old skin. Do not smoke. Eat fruits, vegetables, lean meats and whole grains for healthy skin Exercise every day. It is just as important as local care. It depends on you that tracks time be less visible on your face. There are ways you can keep your skin young and fresh.

Another great product is Revitol Phytoceramides, only natural products specially created to keep skin supple and young. Thus, there will be no need for lifting, the painful and expensive surgery as well. With Revitol things are even simpler than you think. Revitol will renews skin cells, acts against wrinkles or fine line and increase the level of collagen in the skin.

French specialists offers ten principles of life tips that guarantees a beautiful skin for a long time. Of note is that all these rules must be applied at the same time, with perseverance and consistently.

It is best to go through three steps: washing, toning and moisturizing (not kidnap you more than five minutes) as soon as you wake up. And while you eat breakfast or drink tea or coffee, the cream has time to enter the skin.